David Boucher

Coach and Co-Founder

David Boucher is our co-founder, and we recognize his depth of knowledge and skill with a nod in our name to his French heritage. He brings a unique perspective from coaching and managing programs in Western and Eastern Canada and in New Zealand. David is passionate about developing the sport of ninja because it has a strong gymnastics component and also relies on creativity with movement. David is no stranger to the pressure of competition, having competed at the Canadian National level, and he serves the unique needs of Francophone participants. He is an accomplished competitive coach with a strong following of athletes. Safety in the gym is a priority for David and he has designed the gym by thinking ahead to skill progression. He values the professional side of sport and ensures SEGN coaches are educated in skill development and adhere to our ethical framework.

Dr. Sheila Diduck


Dr. Sheila Diduck co-founded the gym with David, and she ensures SEGN maintains fiscal health through recurring re-investment in people, programs, and equipment. Sheila’s first degree is in Education, and her years teaching grade school have positioned her to support fitness programming. Sheila’s doctoral research focuses on individual and team learning, and she ensures the gym maintains cycles of growth across programs by active organizational learning. Sheila has a strong belief in bringing old world knowledge to the fore and the value of learning from challenges. She is excited to introduce the ninja program to teach the discipline of sticking with challenges. She has an interest in developing anti-fragility in children and its contribution to cognitive development, problem-solving and striking a can-do attitude.